Enjoy the Silence

20. Portuguese. Law Student (or pretending to be -- I'm actually just a procrastinator in a Law school). Peter Pan syndrome. Big dreams. Unrealistic expectations about every single aspect of life.

“I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will”.



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  4. Reblog if you laugh like this:


    Clapping, collapsing, spazzing, hyperventalating.

    And when I try to stop laughing:

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  5. Pretending Not To Know Someone You Just Met….


    When you secretly stalked every photo album of them on Facebook before meeting them:

    On the outside: Hi, nice to meet you!

    On the inside: Hello, Chris Adam Johnson, born June 23, 1988 whom has 3 brothers Paul, Will, and Michael. You have 13 photo albums on Facebook….

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  6. That awkward moment when your teacher comes near you while you’re taking a test

    And you know that she’s trying to take a peek at your test paper:

    And you have to stop answering in case she sees your answer and thinks it’s stupid:

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  7. The awkward moment when you have ten minutes left for your exam, and suddenly you remember EVERYTHING.

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